Children from Hastings and Rother dress up for World Book Day

Children across Hastings and Rother enjoyed dressing up as their favourite fictional characters for World Book Day on Thursday March 4.

Friday, 5th March 2021, 11:33 am
Aliyah, aged six, as a Pirate from We're Going on Treasure Hunt SUS-210503-103803001

World Book Day aims to promote reading for pleasure, offering every child and young person the opportunity to have a book of their own. With many children still at home, organisers were encouraging families to dress up at home and get involved online.

Spencer Breach, aged 3, from Baird Academy Nursery SUS-210503-104214001
Bella, aged 6, from Little Common School as the witch from Room on the Broom SUS-210503-095948001
Matilda, 17 months old, from Bexhill, as Red Riding Hood SUS-210503-103232001
Liam Pullin, aged 6, from Sandown Primary School, as Officer George SUS-210503-105730001
Alanah Edwards from Baird Primary School, as Harry Potter SUS-210503-112656001
Rupert Cole, aged 4, from Bexhill SUS-210503-092358001
Sophie May Sutton, aged 10, as Alice and Jessica Sutton, aged 6, as Goldilocks SUS-210503-104919001
Louisa Pullin, aged 3, as a vet from Mog and the Vet SUS-210503-105741001
Demi Hewgill 9 as Harry Potter, Brooke Hewgill, 7, as Cinderella and Theo Hewgil,l 4, as Spider man SUS-210503-104331001
Samantha, from Charters Ancaster Nursery as Stick Man SUS-210503-102644001
Cooper, three months old, from Bexhill, as Spot The Dog SUS-210503-094639001
Jenson, aged 3, from Little Common, Bexhill, as The Highway Rat SUS-210503-094352001
Claudia Seller, aged 9, as Little Red Riding Hood SUS-210503-105419001
Emma Williams, from All Saints Primary in Bexhill SUS-210503-094029001
Hugh Campbell, aged one, from Bexhill, as a dinosaur, from Dinosaurs Love Underpants SUS-210503-092432001
Alfie, aged 5, from Silverdale School, as Thor SUS-210503-092421001
Harry Ripley SUS-210503-092410001
Ronnie, aged ten, as Mrs Twit SUS-210503-092347001
LaCeie Reid, from Robsack Wood School as superhero doctor SUS-210503-092337001
Bryony Campbell, aged 7, as Elsa and Faith Campbell, aged 4, both from Bexhill, as The Gruffalo SUS-210503-092325001
Eva Cooksey, aged 4, from Bexhill SUS-210503-093422001
Luke Sowkhee, aged 3, as Chase from Paw Patrol SUS-210503-103042001