Five fires started deliberately in Bexhill in space of four hours

The fire service is appealing for witnesses after attending five deliberately-started fires on Tuesday evening.

Thursday, 19th September 2019, 1:15 pm
Fire service

The first call-out at 5.01pm, was to a hedgerow fire in Down Road, Bexhill. At 5.54pm, firefighters were called to King Offa Way to extinguish a fire in the open.

Then, at 6.17pm, crews were back in Down Road to extinguish another fire in the open. Twenty minutes later, another fire broke out in the same road which firefighters extinguished with a bucket of water.

Finally, the firefighters returned to Down Road at 8.41pm to extinguish a fifth fire in the open.

Inspector Jonny Hartley said: “Sussex Police has investigated the fires as having been deliberately started and possibly linked. No buildings were damaged and no one was hurt but officers would welcome any information concerning these incidents or who may have been responsible for them.”

Last year, East Sussex Fire attended 796 fires which were deliberately started. A spokesman said the service is working in partnership with Sussex Police, Crimestoppers, local authorities and neighbourhood watch schemes to reduce this figure.

The spokesman added: “Arson and deliberate fires are a serious problem for the fire service, the police and the ambulance service. They endanger lives and divert valuable resources.

“Arson is a criminal offence that can lead to loss of life and injury. It can damage property and have a negative effect on the environment. Arson often starts with a fascination for fire and progresses to lighting small fires but this can quickly escalate onto skips, cars, derelict properties and most disturbingly people’s homes.

“We are working hard to ensure that the county is a safe place to live, work and visit.”