Fractured water main in Bexhill creates temporary fountain

A water mains in Bexhill fractured, shooting water into the air and causing a temporary water fountain.

Tuesday, 9th July 2019, 1:57 pm
Picture supplied by Stuart Lear

The leak, in Mount Idol View, was first reported to South East Water on Monday (July 8).

After being attended to by contractors, the leak has now been repaired.

South East Water’s Distribution Manager Andrew Davin said: “We were called to a burst yesterday morning (Monday) in Mount Idol View, Bexhill.

Picture supplied by Stuart Lear

“As the water main fractured, it sent a jet of water into the air, which happens sometimes due to the pressure in the network.

“Our repair team was on site as quickly as possible and the four inch diameter pipe has now been repaired. Some customers may have been without water of had low pressure while the work was carried out, but it should all be back to normal now.

“Unfortunately leaks and bursts do happen on our extensive network of underground pipes which carry 517 million litres of water everyday through 9,000 miles of pipe and more than six million joints. Sometimes those pipes and joints fail, but we work around the clock to find and fix them.

“We are investigating the possibility of there being further leaks on the section of water main, so residents in the area may see our teams out and about in the area.

“To protect our customers from bogus callers who may pretend to be legitimate water staff, all our team members and our contractors carry photo ID cards. They also wear branded uniform and the vehicles have the distinctive logos too.

“We shouldn’t need to visit individual properties to check the water supply, but if our teams do, they will always show their ID and be happy to wait while people check the validity of the caller.

“If you're unsure about anyone claiming to be from South East Water, call our dedicated bogus caller number on 0333 000 2244.”