Potholes: Magdalen Road, Hastings SUS-200127-135710001
Potholes: Magdalen Road, Hastings SUS-200127-135710001

Hastings and Bexhill potholes - here’s some of the worst - in pictures

Potholes cause a great deal of anxiety.

Tuesday, 4th February 2020, 10:15 am

Whether it’s damage caused to vehicles or people simply not feeling the council is spending their money wisely, there’s few issues which cause so much controversy year after year. Our roads are showing even more signs of severe weather damage. Cash-strapped councils already facing difficult budget decisions must now deal with the shocking state of our roads.  Many are dotted with holes which have the potential to cause accidents and are treacherous for cyclists and pedestrians. We want you to send us a photo of a pothole that is causing you the greatest concern. Email: [email protected] Please include details of where it is and copy this information to the council here:

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