Hastings bright light: your theories for the cause of mysterious incident

A bright light mysteriously lit up the skies near Hastings last night, saprking a number of theories of what caused it.

Wednesday, 2nd October 2019, 5:25 pm

Allyson Breeds filmed the incident while looking west from her house in Ore at approximately 10pm on Tuesday (October 1).

Unsure of the cause, she posted the video to the Hastings and Area, Past and Present Facebook group asking if others knew of its origin, even wondering whether aliens were among us.

On Facebook, a number of commentators wondered if the light was caused by a recovery vehicle's flashing lights reflecting off the low clouds. Another thought it may have been coming from the substation on The Ridge, while others thought it could have been fireworks.

St Leonards was lit up by a mysterious light last night. Picture: Allyson Breeds

Claire Tyson said she heard a loud electronic buzzing or droning noise overhead and then two bright flashes and decided to report it to the police.

She thought the cause of the lights was an aircraft passing close overhead and then crashing.

However, Sussex Police, confirming they had been contacted at 10.40pm on Tuesday, said there was no report of any nearby damage.

Kevin Carlyon, from St Leonards, had another theory.

He said: “I can report that, while scanning the Marine Band radio last night, two fishing boats were discussing a bright light over Hastings at about 10.01pm. It did not seem to them to be very high or very mysterious.

“In recent weeks fishing boats have been chatting about a strange light that seems to rise from the sea into the sky and been seen once descending into the sea in the same vicinity, close to the 2.5 mile marker at Bulverhythe. These incidents have been reported to an authority on such subjects in London. A local researcher showed no apparent interest.”

As for theories relating to fires, a spokesman for East Sussex Fire said firefighters were only called to one incident in the area last night – at 10.02pm to Chowns Hill, just off The Ridge.

The spokesman said they were called to reports of a fire in the open but upon arrival crews could not find a fire and the report was classed as a 'false alarm'.

It is not clear if the two incidents are linked.

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Video from Allyson Breeds