Hastings care home fire: what we know so far

Mount Denys fire
Mount Denys fire

Firefighters are currently battling a fourth fire at the derelict Mount Denys care home in a month.

Crews from Hastings, Bexhill, Rye and Broad Oak were called to the care home at 4.47am.

Picture: Jim Breeds

Picture: Jim Breeds

Here is what we know so far:

- The fire service initially sent two fire engines to the scene

- Upon arrival, there was smoke billowing from the building and the fire was at the rear of the property, so six more fire engines were called. The crews came from Hastings, Bexhill, Rye and Broad Oak

- Forty firefighters are now battling the blaze

Picture: Jim Breeds

Picture: Jim Breeds

- No one was in the building when the fire service arrived

- There were no casualties

- The fire emanated from the first floor

- At 6.52am, firefighters were using two main jets and four breathing apparatus to tame the flames

- The Ridge is closed in both directions between Ivyhouse Lane and Elphinstone Road and will remain closed for another hour, police say

- Southern Water said there is no water/low pressure in the TN35 4PD area of Hastings 'due to the fire service using fire hydrants'

- Police and fire crews remain on the scene as of 4.39pm

- The fire is now under control, according to Hastings Police

- As a precaution, the fire service is advising nearby residents to close windows and doors

- The care home was hit by fires on Tuesday, April 30, and then again on May 8 before a third on May 18

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