Hastings Pier staff evict ‘unwanted teenagers’

Hastings Pier staff said they would prosecute any person who causes concern for the safety of visitors after ‘evicting’ a group of teenagers.

Monday, 28th October 2019, 2:11 pm
Hastings Pier

The announcement was made on Monday (October 28) after pier staff said a group of teenagers on BMX bikes were removed.

Emphasising the pier’s ‘no cycling policy’, staff said: “We do not welcome large groups of teenagers with BMX bikes on to the pier who have no respect for fellow patrons almost running into small children and senior citizens.

“Hastings Pier will prosecute any person who damages our property or causes us concern for the safety of visitors and staff.

“Pier staff acted very quickly and professionally with the eviction of these unwanted teenagers.”

A picture shared on Facebook showed a small group of teenagers on mountain bikes outside the gates to Hastings Pier while a member of staff held the gate shut.