Hastings seagulls say ‘no thank you’ to free fish feast

Whitebait on Beach SUS-190827-130118001
Whitebait on Beach SUS-190827-130118001

The shore at Hastings and St Leonards has been left with a long tide-line of whitebait fish, stranded on the beach as they headed to shore to escape mackerel.

But by all accounts seagulls are showing very little interest in the free fish feast.

People took to social media to share their surprise that the thousands of small fish were not being hoovered up by the usually ravenous Hastings gull population which think nothing of swooping to steal chips and sandwiches from holidaymakers.

“It’s probably because they haven’t been cooked in batter.” joked one Facebook user on his post.

Isabel Roberts, who walked on the beach earlier today, said: “Seagulls aren’t touching the whitebait.

Whitebait is the generic name given to fish fry of a number of species.

The annual phenomenon, on Sunday and bank holiday Monday saw the see boiling with fish as huge shoals of mackerel chased the smaller fish into shore, resulting in thousands of fish being beached and left on the stones.

The trail of abandoned fish was said to have been spotted from Rye Harbour to Pett Level and also Bexhill, as well as Hastings.

Picture by Sid Saunders, taken at West St Leonards.

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