More parents get preferred primary school


More West Sussex parents have received one of their preferred primary school places for their child this year compared to last year – despite a huge rise in applications.

West Sussex County Council said a total of 11,571 parents (97.5%) have been offered one of their top three preferences of schools compared to 10,867 last year.

Overall, 11,864 places have been offered compared to 11,216 last year.

This year 10,528 parents received their first preference compared to 10,063 last year.

Jeremy Hunt, West Sussex County Council’s cabinet member for education and skills, said: “Finding out about your child’s school is always an anxious time for parents. Our allocations team at West Sussex have done a tremendous job and I’m delighted that so many parents have been offered one of their preferences.”

He said the council has created hundreds of additional school places for youngsters to meet the unprecedented growth in pupil numbers.

Jeremy added: “This year we received a substantial increase in the number of applications made to us and this presents huge challenges.

“I know there will be some parents who are disappointed today and unhappy with their allocated places. Our team will work with parents where this is the case.”

The number of first choice reception class places offered was also up on last year with 8,251 parents receiving their top preference compared to 8,043 last year.