Play the Christmas music game that is taking social media by storm

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No Caption ABCDE EMN-181012-102032001

Avoiding hearing a Christmas clasic by Wham is the aim of a new fun game that is cropping up on Facebook and other social media sites.

Whammageddon involves getting through the entire December advent period without hearing the Wham hit ‘Last Christmas’ played on radio, TV, or other broadcasting media.

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It has to be the original - covers and muzak versions don’t count.

If you get caught out you name your date, place and time. Members in a group of Facebook friends who manage to make it through to Christmas Day without hearing the prolific hit are declared the winners.

It has already caught on with Facebook users in the Hastings area with one poster commenting on Sunday: “Oh no! I just gotted Whammed in Hastings Waterstones!”

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