Seagull attack in Hastings town centre sees woman lose lunch and earring

Gull menace
Gull menace

A local woman lost her lunch and earring after being attacked by a seagull in Hastings town centre this week.

The attack, which happened on Wednesday outside Costa Coffee came from no-where.

The woman, in her 20’s, who works for Hastings Borough Council but does not want to be named, said: “I had treated myself to a smoked salmon and avocado bagel and couldn’t resist taking a bite out of it while heading back to the office.

“The next thing I knew there was a great thud on my shoulder and something pricking my ear. The gull stole half of the bagel and the other half fell on the floor and was swarmed by other gulls.

“I then realised my earring was missing as it had been yanked out of my ear. I can tell you that these gulls are heavy when they come at you with force and you are not expecting it.”

Old Town resident Lynda Ridley said: “I saw a seagull land on a woman’s head on the seafront this week to steal her sausage roll. I did not realise they had become that daring.

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