Stunning picture of moon above Hastings

Moon Picture by Sid Saunders SUS-191208-120609001
Moon Picture by Sid Saunders SUS-191208-120609001

Local photographer Sid Saunders has captured yet another stunningly clear and detailed picture of the moon above Hastings.

Sid captured the shot from his St Leonards home last Friday.

He already has an enviable record of capturing pictures of the moon and night sky, His recent picture of a jet aircraft flying across the face of the moon during the recent partial eclipse, went viral across the county.

Back in may he captured a rare shot of a ‘blue moon’ in Hastings, when the moon was clearly visible in daylight.

On a more down to earth note, Sid also captured some great pictures from the Hastings Beach concert and also pictures from the Colour the Coast event on Sunday, which you can see on our website.

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