Stunning wall painting appears in Bexhill

Bexhill Butterfly artwork SUS-190830-090054001
Bexhill Butterfly artwork SUS-190830-090054001

This amazing urban artwork has been dubbed The Bexhill Butterfly and is the work of the Coastal Currents Festival which launches at the De La Warr Pavilion this weekend.

Festival director Tina Morris said: “We are super proud to be able to devote a big mural piece to Bexhill. Adding some love on the Wickham Avenue, a creative centre for Bexhill and a new player in the Sussex art scene.

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“We brought over a Belgian street artist to paint a piece which reflected on the environmental themes of the festival for 2019.

“We lost our arts council funding this year so the festival had £100k less than 2018 operating on a shoestring to survive, so this makes it tough, incredibly tough to make big things happen.

We are intent on finding ways to bring accessible free culture to the public in an environment whose politicians seem to recognise the value of it less and less. Coastal Currents is deeply important to the lives of many people along this coast, not only to express themselves under a public facing banner but actually in terms of creating community and well-being, cultural partnerships and beautification.

I love it when these ideas finally make hundreds of people smile. We are so pleased we have found amazing people to work with such as Carol in Bexhill. The town seems to be welcoming in the Bexhill Butterfly.”

Carol Cook, who has launched the Bexhill W.Ave art project, commented: “A massive thank you to Coastal Currents. Without them it wouldn’t have been possible, I put this idea out there in April, I wanted to bring as much joy to the community as I get from hunting out street art. I was pointed in the right direction, and all we’ve had is positive comments and smiles as people walk past. So thank you all! Coastal Currents is a massive event full of amazing artists and should definitely be more recognised in all the good that they do and positivity that they spread. Here’s to having pride in where you live and making your surroundings the best you can - no matter how small.

“It is well known that art can transform a community and so an event was created to celebrate local talent. Art will be exhibited to the public in various forms, so please come along and get involved!

“The W.Ave Arts Festival, part of Coastal Currents Arts Festival, will be held on the 8th of September between 11am and 5pm. It will take place in the access road from Wickham Avenue to Egerton Road (between Cornwall Road and Park Road).

“This would not have been possible without the support of local residents who have given up their private parking spaces and gardens to facilitate this event. I would like to thank everyone involved, without your community spirit this would not be possible. Amalgamated effort achieves great things.

I’d like to thank Stamco for donating wood so we can build a chalk board wall for the children to design their own art.”

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