Successful Hastings writer takes her inspiration from the town

Aviva SUS-181213-080449001
Aviva SUS-181213-080449001

Many aspire to write and once they take up the path prepare themselves for a long, potentially arduous journey with being published the ultimate destination.

But what if you arrive at the destination sooner than expected?

This has been the case for Hastings born writer Aviva Esther Treger, who saw her first short story, almost instantly accepted and published.

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She was somewhat taken aback by her success. She wrote a near perfect science fiction story Wake Up To Yourself’ without ever intending to.

“I did not set out to write science fiction - it was just the idea that came to me.”

Even this futuristic take is rooted in the Sussex landscape.

Another of her stories, inspired by Ecclesbourne Glen, has been published as a children’s story.

Wonderfully imagined, it reads in fact like a dark fairy tale for adults.

Aviva said: “I am not short of ideas but sometimes there are so many it is confusing.”

The path forward may be occluded but Aviva has a vision and that is to write a novel which encapsulates the hidden history and mythology of Hastings.

“What was this landscape called before it was called Hastings?” she questions, “for it must have been known as something.”

Her work is rooted in magic realism, dealing with other realities beneath the surface - the idea of landscape as a compelling presence.

Aviva is busy questing and researching, but one thing is certain, when she finds what she is looking for she won’t have any trouble expressing it in words.

The Corona Book of Science Fiction is available as a paperback and e-book from Amazon.

Pictured is Aviva Treger.

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