Plenty of flavour and depth at the Albatross Club’s free festival

A beer festival at the Albatross Club April 2015
A beer festival at the Albatross Club April 2015

Some 1250 visitors to Bexhill’s Albatross Club enjoyed sampling the wide variety on offer during a three- day beer festival which had 16 different casks of ale on display.

But the festival was a victim of its own success according to spokesman John Phelan because the club sold all 16 barrels by the end of the second day and was reliant on the last day to serve customers with its regular Sussex Cask Ales served from the four hand pumps upstairs.

He commented: “As you can imagine, a profitable, happy and successful beer festival enjoyed especially by the stewards, volunteers and local towns folk.”

The triumph of the festival itself was coupled with the added bonus that four newcomers filled in an application form and became club members.

The Albatross Club on Marina Arcade is home to members of Bexhill’s branch of Royal Air Force Association who have enjoyed the facility for decades and hold many of their regular events there such as fairs and fundraisers.

The beer festival was organised by Karen Pelham, the Albatross club’s chief steward and Peter Fell, its assistant steward, both working quietly in the background to ensure it was a resounding success, while also playing a major role in helping the many volunteers over the three days.

Club member John Phelan said: “Speaking to Karen and Peter directly the festival ended I was surprised to learn they are not sitting back but are already planning their next festival sometime in September.”

Large photograph shows Martyn Apps, Peter Fell, Bev Pearce, Steve Land and Tony from Camra.

One of the entertainment bands attending over the 3 days, known as “The Other Band”

Pic 4 – Ray Oliva, Martyn Apps, Peter Fell and Dennis Horton.

Pic 5 – Karen Pelham.