Poet Joan’s ‘little pink and blue bubble of words’.....

Joan Grover SUS-160713-122708001
Joan Grover SUS-160713-122708001

Bexhill resident Joan Gover has been writing poetry since she was a teenager, now aged 95 years young, good friend Marilyn Dunn has submitted one of her poems to the Observer for others to enjoy.

Marilyn ‘befriended’ Joan through Age Concern around ten years ago and says she had a challenging life and suffers with limited mobility and crippling arthritis in her hands. “This meant that three years ago Joan could no longer look after herself at home and now resides in Ashridge Court, Bexhill,” she said. “She is, and always has been a bit of a tom-boy as she told me grinning, climbing trees, joining her elder brothers ‘gang’, and in her late teens having a 500cc Ariel ‘Red Hunter’ motorbike!

“Joan is a prolific poet, and she told me that she merely scribbles down the words that pop into her head – ‘little pink and blue bubbles of words’.

“She will be over the moon to have one of her poems published!”

Joan wrote the following poem for her husband Eric for a wedding anniversary in the 1980’s.


I can still remember the day I met you.

With your smile so warm, and your eyes so blue.

You captured my heart and I was lost to you.

Your birthdays have come, and your birthdays have gone.

And our life together has been like a song.

Of laughter and sweetness and sometimes sad.

But of one thing I’m certain I’ll always be glad.

Of the day I met you with your smile so warm and your eyes so blue.

My Darling always remember that I love you.

Jean Grover