Police warning for residents using cones to reserve spaces

Hastings Direct, Conquest House
Hastings Direct, Conquest House

Residents who put cones out on the road to reserve parking spaces or to prevent others from parking could find themselves in trouble with the police.

Following a long-running dispute with Hastings Direct about staff parking in surrounding streets, some Collington residents have taken to placing cones in the road outside their properties.

But PCSO Roy Collins warns that those who put cones out in any street in the town are breaking the law.

PCSO Collins said: “I would remind all residents who choose to place cones on the highway to reserve spaces, or worse, simply to prevent others from parking, that this is an offence in itself.

“Cones will be removed and taken to Bexhill Police Station where the owner can collect them.

“Words of advice regarding obstruction of a public highway will be given upon collection of said cones.

“Should you require help from Sussex Police with securing a space for removal lorries or deliveries by heavy goods vehicles, we will endeavour to help.

“My contact details are all on the website at www.sussex.police.uk”

Under UK law, anyone found to be obstructing the highway could be fined.

PCSO Collins has also called for ‘a little consideration’ from drivers who park on double yellow lines outside Hastings Direct.

He said: “Staff have asked that friends and relatives collecting staff members from outside Hastings Direct offices, especially in the evening, do not park on the double yellow lines and obstruct their exit from the car park.

“I will support them as much as I can by being a visible presence at peak times, but a little consideration from those drivers who abuse the lines would be welcomed.”