Political respect, and dangerous potholes in Turkey Road, Bexhill

12/6/13- Potholes in Sidley Street, Bexhill. ENGPNL00120140130143649
12/6/13- Potholes in Sidley Street, Bexhill. ENGPNL00120140130143649

From: Ian Griffiths, Fontwell Avenue, Bexhill

I have always researched matters before reaching a decision and do not rely on newspapers to form my opinions for me.

It would appear that 
three former Chancellors of the Exchequer, two Governors of the Bank of England and the CBI who represent UK business all believe exiting the EU is a mistake (their reasons set out and can be Googled).

While on the leave side we have ‘Mr.’ Wetherspoon, bankers and investment companies some of whom are now MPs, Rees Mogg and Co. – and of course the Daily Mail, etc. I feel it would be helpful if those making either ‘side’ of the argument could be more respectful of each other and refrain from repeating political mantras. Instead use substantiated facts, which are readily available, without insulting those with opposite views. Think for oneself, back up one’s conclusions with real facts and never insult your opposite number.

On a totally different matter. The East Sussex County Council’s specification for prioritising pothole repair.

It has taken me three months to finally get a reply from County Councillor Elkins, the responsible person. Potholes have to be at least 1.5 inches deep and 12 inches in all directions before they will be repaired! I pointed out as an example, the long longitudinal deep cracks in Turkey Road, Bexhill (the Sidley end, approaching the roundabout) – these are wide enough to throw off a cyclist or motor cyclist and to permanently damage alloy wheels on a car etc, (but are not 12 inches wide). His reply – ‘safety is our priority, he is happy with the current specification’.

I have been pointing out for 2-3 years that allowing weeds to grow in the road channels which are then watered by a separate contractor’s road sweeper will and now have, permanently damaged the road construction at the curb channel. Preventative maintenance is much, much cheaper than the now inevitable major road repairs, County wide. His reply – ‘the ESCC weed kill once a year, and always blow any grass cuttings from the channels back onto the grass verges’.

I informed him that in 
25 years I have never seen this done on estate roads, have readers seen this carried out other than on main roads?

Apparently his grass cutting contractor is self-certifying – ie, he supervises himself! This is certainly true, for when I complained, I discovered I was dealing with the customer services of the contractor whose name is similar to the ESCC!

The ESCC learn of problems only when we, the electorate, complain directly to County Hall, or when a highway steward (no longer inspectors) randomly inspects some area in the county.

County elections are in 2021!