Bexhill and Battle MP Huw Merriman to vote for Theresa May’s Brexit deal

Mr Merriman speaking in Parliament. File photo
Mr Merriman speaking in Parliament. File photo

Huw Merriman, the MP for Bexhill and Battle, will vote for Theresa may’s draft Brexit withdrawal agreement next week saying it is ‘the best option for constituents and this constituency’.

On Tuesday (December 11), MPs are expected to vote on the Prime Minister’s deal in the House of Commons.

Many opposition MPs – including the DUP – as well as a number of backbench Conservative MPs have said they will vote again Theresa May’s deal.

However, Mr Merriman said he will vote in favour as the alternative is either ‘no deal’ or another referendum.

He said: “Tuesday’s vote is likely to be the most significant I will cast in my time as MP for Bexhill and Battle.

“The Prime Minister’s deal represents a compromise for both the UK and the EU.

“However, this deal is the only one agreed with the EU which sees the UK leave the EU and take control of our borders.

“We stop paying large amounts to Brussels and end the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice in most circumstances.

“We leave the Single Market, albeit we will agree to continue to abide by a common rule book which aims to retain the tariff-free trade access to our lucrative EU export markets.

“We can leave the Customs Union and strike new trade agreements with new markets across the globe, but will not do so in a manner which leaves the border of Northern Ireland with friction. We’ll negotiate a new deal for agriculture and fisheries.

“There are wrinkles in our future relationship but at least we have the certainty to know what our position will be when we leave and goodwill with the EU to write the next chapter in our relationship.
“The alternative is either ‘no deal’ or kicking the can down the road with another referendum. Both will lead to further uncertainty and action which will betray the wishes of those who voted in 2016.”

Work and Pensions Secretary and Hastings and Rye MP Amber Rudd is also expected to support the Prime Minister’s draft agreement.

He added: “The choice is clear to me.

“I did not come into this job to make my constituents poorer. I want to help people improve their lives and to reform the public services they rely on.

“I will therefore vote for the Prime Minister’s deal. I will vote for it because it is what I deem the best option for constituents and this constituency.”

MPs will continue debating the withdrawal agreement on Monday, ahead of the planned vote on Tuesday.

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