Brexit Party selects nurse as Bexhill and Battle election candidate

Michelle Buxton The Brexit Party's candidate for Bexhill and Battle
Michelle Buxton The Brexit Party's candidate for Bexhill and Battle

The Brexit Party has selected a nurse as its Bexhill and Battle candidate to contest the next general election.

The Conservatives have won every election in the constituency since its creation in 1983 with Huw Merriman being the incumbent MP since 2015.

In the past few weeks The Brexit Party, led by Nigel Farage, has been selecting prospective parliamentary candidates across the country in anticipation of the next general election, which has to be held by 2022.

Michelle Buxton, a nurse working in the NHS in East Sussex and Kent, has been has been chosen to stand in Bexhill and Battle for the fledging political party.

She said: “I am delighted and thrilled to have been chosen to fight this seat - an area I have lived and worked in as a nurse for many years. This included undertaking some of my work and training in the Battle, Bexhill and Hastings hospitals and communities.

“I shall be fighting hard for the democratic will of almost 60 per cent of the electorate of Bexhill and Battle who voted to leave the EU in 2016. Democracy has been betrayed by our current MPs and I want to defend it in Parliament with the Brexit Party.

“The Brexit Party believes that in the long term only a clean break with the EU will allow the UK to really prosper. I think that any tweaking of [Theresa] May’s withdrawal agreement by the current PM is not a true Brexit.

“It will limit the capacity of the UK to take advantage of the opportunities presented by Brexit.

“A fully independent UK will have much greater flexibility to adapt our laws and regulations in a rapidly changing world. Our Parliament will have the opportunity to make our businesses more competitive, offer greater consumer choice, make our financial system more secure and provide better protection for our environment.”

Ms Buxton, 54, has had a 30-year nursing career working in a variety of clinical settings in both hospitals and the community, including district nursing services, palliative care, addiction services, care of the elderly and mixed surgery in the NHS at the award winning Benenden Hospital in Kent.

She also helped set up a health centre in Nepal and was awarded the local Dr Irvine Award for study and research into the care of the elderly.

She describes her hobbies as reading, travelling, writing, walking, meditation and salsa dancing at the Manor Barn in Bexhill.

She argued that a ‘Brexit dividend’ should be invested in regions outside of London,also wants to see Britain as a ‘sovereign nation with control over its laws, borders and money’ and believes that free TV licenses for over 75s should be maintained.

She added: “The old two-party system and outdated politics of left and right serves only itself. This really is only the beginning - we intend to change politics in this country for good.”

Richard Tice, Brexit Party chairman, said: “The Brexit Party stands ready to fight a general election with a full slate of candidates in all the UK’s 650 constituencies.

“We will take on the major parties which have failed the British people time and time again.”