Greens select Bexhill and Battle general election candidate

Jonathan Kent, Green Party prospective parliamentary candidate for Bexhill and Batlte
Jonathan Kent, Green Party prospective parliamentary candidate for Bexhill and Batlte

The Green Party has selected its general election candidate for Bexhill and Battle.

Polling day is set for Thursday December 12.

In Bexhill and Battle, Conservative Huw Merriman is defending a majority of more than 22,000 votes.

Jonathan Kent, who stood for the Greens in both the 2015 and 2017 elections, has been chosen to represent the party again next month.

He grew up in the constituency and went to school in Stonegate and Tunbridge Wells.

During a career in media Mr Kent worked for the BBC, Reuters, Newsweek and US public radio and worked both as a political reporter in Westminster and a foreign correspondent in South East Asia.

He now advises on communications strategy for technology companies in Europe and the United States.

He said: “This election will be about both the future of the country and the future of the planet.

“With heatwaves and floods hitting the UK this summer, people are realising that the climate crisis is the issue of our times. We either find a solution now or we perish.

The choice is that stark.”

“Whilst other parties talk about tackling climate chaos, we are the only party with the skills and the plan to make it happen. With more Green MPs we can put the climate higher up the agenda and push for the legislation and policies the planet needs. A Green vote is a vote for a fairer and greener Britain, and a vote for our future.”

He believes the Government is in ‘disarray’ and the country’s international reputation ‘is in shreds’. He added: “We’re facing the greatest political uncertainty of my lifetime. We need proportional representation so that we end up with a parliament which truly reflects the views of the British people.”

On Brexit, Mr Kent is calling for a People’s Vote on the final deal before the country leaves the EU and believes the Government’s focus on Brexit has meant other important policy issues have been neglected.

He explained: “Millions of people are desperate for politicians to get the message that life is tough and that they need to do something about it.”