Live updates: All Bexhill Town Council results announced

Results from the first Bexhill Town Council election have all been announced today (Sunday, May 9).

Sunday, 9th May 2021, 12:45 pm
Updated Monday, 10th May 2021, 10:35 am
Bexhill Town Council elections were held on Thursday

The council – also referred to as Bexhill Parish Council – is made up on nine parish wards, with each holding two seats on the council.

Seven of those wards held an election on Thursday (May 6), while the other two: Bexhill Kewhurst and Bexhill St Stephens had councillors duly elected without a contest due to only having two candidates standing in each ward.

As a result, the council already had four members before Thursday’s election: Bryan Clasby (Bexhill Together) and Brian Drayson (Bexhill Together), in Kewhurst; and Ben Izzard (Bexhill Together) and Richard Thomas (Lib Dem) in St Stephens.

All results from the Bexhill Town Council election have now been announced.

The make-up of the 18-seat council is as follows:

Bexhill Together: 10

Bexhill Independents: 7

Liberal Democrats: 1

And by ward, here are your new councillors:

Central: Paul Plim (Bexhill Together) and Viv Taylor-Gee (Bexhill Together)

Collington: Lynn Brailsford (Bexhill Independents) and David Harding (Bexhill Together)

Kewhurst: Bryan Clasby (Bexhill Together) and Brian Drayson (Bexhill Together)

Old Town and Worsham; Dan Barfoot (Bexhill Together) and Stuart Wray (Bexhill Independents)

Pebsham and St Michaels: Sharon Blagrove (Bexhill Independents) and Charlie Rustem (Bexhill Independents)

Sackville: Claire Baldry (Bexhill Together) and Elly Gibson (Bexhill Together)

Sidley: Tony Carroll (Bexhill Independents) and Julie Norris (Bexhill Independents)

St Marks: Tim Fenner (Bexhill Together) and Connor Winter (Bexhill Independents)

St Stephens: Ben Izzard (Bexhill Together) and Richard Thomas (Liberal Democrat)

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12.25 And the final result today is a double win in Sidley for Bexhill Independents, through Tony Carroll and Julie Norris.

Full results:

Tony Carroll (Bexhill Independents) 739 – Elected

Hannah Corke (Bexhill Together) 346

Julie Norris (Bexhill Independents) 568 – Elected

Jimmy Stanger (Bexhill Together) 322

12.09 In Sackville, the fifth ward to declare, it is a double win for Bexhill Together with Claire Baldry and Elly Gibson winning seats. Bexhill Together candidates have now won more than half (10) of the seats on the council, with just Sidley left to declare.

Full results:

Claire Baldry (Bexhill Together) 972 – Elected

El Huseyin (Bexhill Independents) 455

Elly Gibson (Bexhill Together) 941 – Elected

11.49 The fifth ward to declare is St Marks where Tim Fenner (Bexhill Together) and Connor Winter (Bexhill Independents) have come out on top.

Full results:

Wendy Dash (Lib Dem) 442

Tim Fenner (Bexhill Together) 1,075 – Elected

Nigel Jacklin (The Democratic Network) 111

Connor Winter (Bexhill Independents) 858 – Elected

11.24 The fourth ward (Collington) is a win apiece for Bexhill Independents through Lynn Brailsford and Bexhill Together through David Harding.

Full results:

Lynn Brailsford (Bexhill Independents) 1,216 – Elected

David Harding (Bexhill Together) 973 – Elected

Paul Wilson (Bexhill Independents) 783

11.10 Pebsham and St Michaels is a double win for Bexhill Independents, through Sharon Blagrove and Charlie Rustem.

Full results:

Sharon Blagrove (Bexhill Independents) 605 – Elected

James Cole (Green) 487

Sam Davey (Bexhill Together) 471

Charlie Rustem (Bexhill Independents) 541 – Elected

11.05 And now the second result, from Old Town and Worsham. Bexhill Together and Bexhill Independents have won seats through Dan Barfoot and Stuart Wray respectively.

Full results:

Dan Barfoot (Bexhill Together) 416 – Elected

Vivienne Bond (Lib Dem) 270

John Gray (Green) 339

Stuart Wray (Bexhill Independents) 397 – Elected

11.03 The first result is in, and it comes from Central ward, where John Plim (Bexhill Together) and Viv Taylor-Gee (Bexhill Together) have both been elected.

Full results:

Memish Huseyin (Bexhill Independents) 344

Paul Plim (Bexhill Together) 730 – Elected

Pat Stappleton (Bexhill Independents) 261

Viv Taylor-Gee (Bexhill Together) 746 – Elected

10.30 Good morning and welcome to our live coverage of the Bexhill Town Council election results. We are expecting results later today from the seven wards that held an election (two wards had uncontested elections) and should have updates throughout the day. To refresh yourself, here are all the candidates who stood in this year’s election.