New build in Bexhill gets the go-ahead

Proposed new home in Little Twitten, Bexhill
Proposed new home in Little Twitten, Bexhill

Rother planners have given the go ahead to a new build in Bexhill.

At a meeting on Thursday (February 14), Rother District Council planners granted planning permission for a two-storey new build at Little Twitten in Bexhill.

Developers have previously sought permission to develop the site on a number of occasions, most recently in a 2016 application which was refused on the grounds the proposed property would be too large to fit two parking spaces and result in a loss of privacy to neighbours.

While approved in line with officers recommendations, some councillors expressed reservations about the size of the property.

Deidre Earl-Williams (Association of Independents – Bexhill Collington) said: “I didn’t like this one at all personally, I thought it was extremely tight and still looked very overcrowded.

“We have refused it before and I know that one was bigger, but it is not enough smaller to make a difference to me. I personally would refuse it.”

Despite some concerns around size, the proposals were granted planning permission on a majority vote.

Officers had recommended the proposals be approved as it was considered to be a sustainable build within the Bexhill development boundary.  

In a report to the committee, a planning officer said: “In this instance, the proposal would make effective use of the large plot, would make a small contribution to the supply of housing in the district and would have an acceptable impact on the living conditions of the adjoining neighbours.

“Subject to appropriate conditions, planning permission should be granted.”

For further details see application reference RR/2018/3075 on the Rother District Council planning website.