Prime Minister David Cameron visits Saga in Hastings

The Prime Minister, David Cameron, visited Hastings this morning (Monday) as part of the Conservatives’ election campaign.

He met with staff at Saga in Priory Square in the town centre to outline the party’s manifesto for those in retirement.

David Cameron visits SAGA, Hastings. 23/2/15 SUS-150223-133010001

David Cameron visits SAGA, Hastings. 23/2/15 SUS-150223-133010001

Mr Cameron spoke on his party’s commitments to deliver security to the retired and outlined several policies at the meeting, such as the Single Tier Pension, which he said will abolish means-testing people’s pensions.

Those in the audience included local councillors Peter Pragnell and Liam Atkins, Conservative leader on Hastings Borough Council, as well as Hastings MP Amber Rudd.

The Observer spoke to the Prime Minster after the meeting on issues affecting Hastings and he pledged that the town would see much-needed improvements to its transport infrastructure and a fairer deal for train passengers.

He said: “The actions we want to take are in the short term, medium term and long term. We need the train operators to do better in terms of customer satisfaction.

“In the medium term we want to expand capacity with an extra 95,000 seats and in the long term what we need is better infrastructure. Amber Rudd has been campaigning hard for the extension of the high speed HS1 to Hastings.”