Protest over new trade deal

Global justice demonstration in Bexhill town centre
Global justice demonstration in Bexhill town centre

On Saturday protesters against “a so-called free trade deal” between Europe and USA made their feelings known in Bexhill town centre.

Campaigners from the Bexhill and Hastings Global Justice Now group met in Devonshire Square to join others around Britain trying to highlight concern about the new Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership which they say promises money and employment for Europe “but at what cost?”

Spokesman Jack Doherty reports: “The movement against TTIP and other undemocratic trade deals is growing fast. This Saturday thousands of people took part in more than 700 actions across the world to protest a new generation of neoliberal trade agreements that are threatening to undermine democracy.

In Bexhill Global Justice Now supporters and other activists took to the streets in solidarity with supporters in 32 towns and cities in the UK to put an end to the EU-US trade agreement.

The targets are the corporations that could use TTIP to grab control of our NHS, our food, and our environment.

Members spoke to passers by about TTIP and an amazing finding was that less than 10% of people actually knew about this Treaty which is being negotiated in our names and which, if it comes into force as proposed in about three months will affect all of our lives for many years.

It poses threats to democracy, public services, food safety, the environment, our environment, workers’ rights, personal privacy, financial controls and not surprisingly has been negotiated largely in secret. Even many MPs and MEPs are unaware of who and what is being agreed.”

Denis Lucey, chair of the branch, said: “Saturday was an important moment for our movement for a more just world. In the run-up to the general election we have shown decision-makers that we are ready to stand up for our democracy, our public services, our food and our environment.”

Member Julia Dance added: “The good news is that if we stand together we can stop TTIP.” Anyone interested in joining Global Justice group can go to its website for details of how to do so -