Protestors up in court for link road action in Spring

THE FIRST anti-link road protestors will face trial on Monday over their involvement in demonstrations along the route of the proposed scheme.

A total of 19 people will face trial, the majority of who were arrested last winter when a series of camps were set up on proposed development sites. Among the charges are a number for aggravated trespass.

Opposition to the £113m plus road scheme remains firm despite work having got underway in recent months.

And one protest group, Combe Haven Defenders, have organised an awareness event on Sunday – the eve of the trials.

It will take place at the Hastings Unitarian Church in South Terrace between 7pm and 9pm and will include the premiere of a new film about the campaign against the link road. There will also be a panel-based discussion with several protestors talking about their experiences.

One of the protestors said: “For me seems insane that 19 ordinary people are on trial for trying to prevent the wasting of over £100m of public money, the wrecking of our natural environment and the undermining of effective national action to tackle climate change.”