Quicksand beach danger

A dog walker trapped in quicksand near Glyne Gap saved herself by using her Bags For Life.

She was stuck in filthy slime up to waist height for over an hour and in darkness on her own. She then laid the bags down in front of her to spread her weight and pull herself free.

She had to strip off her soaked and muddy clothing and run to her car to drive home.

The woman is still terrified by her ordeal and wants to warn others to be careful on the beach as there are no signs indicating potential danger. She is extremely “concerned” and checked with the beach inspector but was told as quicksand moves around, signs are no help.

Nearly two weeks on she is still suffering from flashbacks disturbing her sleep as she was all on her own as the nightmare unfolded. She’d been walking her dogs and had put them in her car and went back onto the beach to wash her boots in a small pool. She’d even seen sea birds pottering in it, and was shocked when she discovered that her feet were sucked down so quickly that she hadn’t time to try and pull them free.

All subsequent efforts to free herself simply meant she was sucked further down.

She shouted for help but no one was around and in her struggles she fell forward so even her hair got plastered with filthy mud, and by then she was in over her knees. The effort of getting out left her in pain but she is determined that other beach users will now be more aware.