Rachel Sadler - Lib Dem candidate for Bexhill and Battle

My name is Rachel Sadler, and I am your Liberal Democrat candidate for this General Election.

Since joining the Liberal Democrats in 2011, I have gained plenty of experience in campaigning and fundraising.

I have been elected as Deputy Chair and Chairperson of my local Party, and also stood as a Borough and County Council candidate.

Most recently, I have played a part in securing the safe demolition of the derelict ABC cinema site in Tunbridge Wells, having campaigned on this since 2013.

I want to make a difference to all in Bexhill and Battle, and I’ve always been concerned for the welfare of those who are struggling in difficult circumstances, which is why I’m running as a Parliamentary candidate in 2015’s General Election.

I’m particularly passionate about increasing the involvement of underrepresented groups in politics. I am demonstrating this by supporting the campaign to give 16 and 17 year olds the vote.

It is my view that young people need to be empowered and encouraged to take a more lively interest in politics. Giving them the vote is an obvious way of achieving this aim.

I also hope that I can encourage more women to get involved in politics, by showing them it’s a realistic option.

I know that the cost of living is an issue in many parts of the constituency.

As a proud Liberal Democrat, I’m pleased that we succeeded in increasing the initial tax threshold to £10000 in April 2014, despite David Cameron saying it wasn’t possible.

We will continue to work to raise this threshold until we reach our ultimate goal of £12500 by 2020.

I’m not a resident of Bexhill or Battle at the moment, but I’ll look to move to the area if I’m elected this May.

I currently live nearby, in Tunbridge Wells.

Thanks to efficient transport links and a supportive network of colleagues, I’ve been able to travel around the constituency, and I hope to be able to provide a fresh perspective on the issues here.

Outside politics, I primarily enjoy reading, socialising, going for walks and listening to classic rock music.

If you want a fresh pair of eyes for Bexhill and Battle, I hope you’ll consider voting for me on May 7.