Room for plenty more productions

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Musical drama group Christian Voices enjoyed a very busy year in 2014.

The group performed four plays during the year, the last of which was their Christmas play, No Room at the Inn.

The play was performed during Church Services at All Saints Church, Calvert Methodist Church in Hastings and St Michael’s Church.

It was written by Alan Young of St Martha’s Church and directed by Graham Payne of Brighton Vineyard Church.

Alan said: “We are very grateful to all three churches who very kindly agreed to let us perform our play during their Services”.

Rev Stephen Huggins, of St Michael’s Church, said “Christian Voices production of No Room at the Inn was easily the best we have seen.

“It completely summed the message of Christmas.”

The group also reached a milestone when they went to the Calvert Methodist Church as it was the 20th church the group has been to and performed one of their plays.

No Room at the Inn was their 14th production since they were formed in 2008.

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