Row4Charity almost home

"Indian Ocean Rowing Race 2009 lead boat Boat No.7 'Bexhill Trust Challenger' moves into the last 500 nautical miles of the race."They can taste victory."

Wednesday, 17th June 2009, 10:58 am
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 7:58 pm

This was the news on the official race website this week as Row4Charity headed for home 100 miles in front of the nearest boat, the eight crew Aud Eamus, and 300 miles ahead of their nearest rival, Pura Vida.

Route advisor Andy Bristow has told family and supporters that the distance still left to cover is "the same as rowing from Bexhill to Ireland and back."

MP David Cameron, leader of the Conservative party, was so impressed by Row4Charity's achievement he pledged to ring the boys on their satellite phone to wish them well.

Spokesman Geoff Dixon told the Observer the aim now is for the Bexhill Trust Challenger to finish the race in Mauritius on Thursday morning.

He commented: "They are still in good spirits and are enjoying a favourable tail wind which is pushing them on."

Geoff said the lads have been forced to make running repairs to the seats of the boat and, having already run out of spare parts, they had to re-use parts already replaced.

They are suffering various stress-related injuries as well as conditions associated with this type of physical demand and test of endurance.

It's also reckoned after so long at sea they will experience difficulties when returning to dry land and having to re-adjust to regular life.

After weeks of eating dried high protein foods and drinking purified sea water they will also need time to get used to a regular diet.

Geoff added: "Row4Charity would like to express their thanks to everyone for all the messages of support, both directly and online.

"Now the race is coming to a climax the whole town seems to be excited. Nearly all the shops are displaying posters supporting the lads and everyone seems glued to their computers for the latest updates.

"I would like to add however that R4C three main aims when we started this adventure were to; get to the starting line, finish the race safely anything else was a bonus, (and what a bonus) and raise funds for the Stroke Assc. Please keep donating either online at or at the Waterfront Club on Bexhill seafront.