School boost Bexhill Museum

Buckswood School has donated £500 to Bexhill Museum to help fund educational work.

The independent Guestling school has sponsored the museum’s educational work for the last three years and, with their support, the number of school children and visiting the museum has continued to grow.

In 2013 – 2014 over 1100 school children visited Bexhill Museum on either a standard tour or an enhanced themed visit, where the Education Group organise and run activities to involve the pupils in discovering and learning more about a chosen area of study.

Anne Lucarotti from the Education Group said: “We are a versatile adaptable group of who can turn our hand to many different themes.

“ Lately, our workshops have been on Ancient Egyptians, the Stone Age, Wheels (in the motoring gallery) the History of Bexhill, World War I, the Sixties and also the Victorians and Dinosaurs.”

The group also undertake outreach work and visit schools running Activity Afternoons, aided by some of the artefacts held at the Museum; and host events during the school holidays.

This year’s themes have included Australian aborigine art and Japan.

The money Buckswood has donated will support the group in producing the activity sheets which are used every time a young visitor comes to the museum. John Betts, the museum’s Director said: “Many, many thanks are due to Buckswood School for helping to cover the cost of photocopying and producing these sheets which greatly enhance the children’s appreciation of our Museum”.

The latest cheque was presented by Buckswood Head Mark Redsell, who was joined by a group of students.

Mr Redsell said: ““Bexhill Museum is a hidden treasure trove, homing thousands and thousands of fascinating items from the age of the dinosaurs, ancient civilisations, natural history, science, costume, motoring and social history.

“No matter what a child is learning about at school, there will something of interest to delight and enthral at Bexhill Museum.

“With the rise in popularity of television shows such as Horrible Histories, we at Buckswood hope that our support will help encourage more children to discover history for themselves”.