School heading for cost neutral Fair

Little Common Primary School Pirates Day ENGSUS00120130715084801
Little Common Primary School Pirates Day ENGSUS00120130715084801

Little Common Primary School is making strides toward its goal of holding a cost neutral Summer Fair on June 20.

The school appealed to local businesses to get involved and help fund the fair.

Ebony Varney, from the school’s PTA, said: “This is something new that we are working on this year as we are hoping to create a cost neutral summer fete so that all of the funds raised on the day can go directly back into the PTA, so we can achieve some of our bigger aspirations for the school, like an outside classroom and providing a music, art and learning facility for our existing pupils.

“A number of local businesses have already agreed to support us in this way which is fantastic.

“Some are sponsoring various elements of our fete whilst others are match funding and some are advertising in our programme, of which 1000 copies being produced.

“Tesco have very kindly offered to run a Tesco funded lemonade stall that is also to be manned by Tesco volunteers and all proceeds raised are being given to the PTA. A couple of large/blue-chip companies have kindly offered to match fund – up to the value of £500 each.

“Two local businesses are sponsoring elements to the value of £400. We have offered them a stall at the fete, central arena signage and a programme advert.

“Other businesses are sponsoring the central arena for donations of £100 and some businesses have placed advertisements in our summer fete programme.

“Advertisement donations range between £25 and £50. One company has also offered to design and print our coloured program plus our raffle tickets.

“If you would like to get involved please feel free to call me on my mobile 0 7770 444476.

“If you simply want to donate a raffle prize you can either drop this at the school office during term time or someone can pop in to collect but please ensure that all donations include a note saying who has donated it so that we know who it is from.

“Whatever you would like to do to help us, we are extremely grateful for all and any support so thank you from all of us at the PTA.”