Searching for ITV ‘Day by Day,’ performed by Bexhill amateur drama groups

Royal Wedding Charles and Diana SUS-190111-120658001
Royal Wedding Charles and Diana SUS-190111-120658001

From: Hazel Barton, 07779079476, Bexhill

During the early to mid 1980s, the amateur drama groups in Bexhill got together with the ITV programme producers of Day By Day, which was an early evening local news programme, to perform a slightly comedic wedding scene to highlight the royal wedding of Charles and Diana.

This was duly shown on Day By Day and I know that several people recorded it. I was unable to do this as I did not have the means. Both my son and I were included in this and it was great fun.

My reason for this letter is to ask if anyone has a recording of this that they would be willing to either lend to me and let me have a DVD copy made, or to sell it to me? This is very important to me and I would be very grateful to anyone who could help me in this quest.

My name is Hazel Barton but was Hazel Drury at the time of filming, and my telephone number is 07779079476.