Shelter charity backs Bexhill’s drive for more affordable homes

NATIONAL housing campaign Shelter is backing the Bexhill Affordable Alliance’s (BAA) call for more affordable homes.

The charity has pledged to work with the Bexhill Affordable Alliance after representatives met Rother District Council’s Portfolio Holder for Housing, Councilor Bob White, and Head of Housing, Anne Fennessy to see what could be done to address the local affordable housing need.

A government inspector recently found that Rother District Council’s local plan for development did not include enough new housing, and would provide just 77-85 per cent of the requirement outlined in the South East Plan.

Housing Services, Cllr White, Shelter and the Bexhill Affordable Alliance are now joining forces to ensure everything will be done to deliver more affordable homes for local people.

Shelter is committed to seeing more affordable homes being built nationwide to solve the country’s housing crisis.

The BAA claims Bexhill and in particular rural Rother suffer from a major housing shortage, especially for younger people trying to get on the housing ladder, and is now working to help find practical solutions.

BAA spokeswoman Stacey Richards said: “I work hard but I will never be able to save enough money for a deposit on a home in Bexhill (and this is more affordable than the rest of Rother), unless something changes.

“I want to keep living here, but right now I can’t afford it.

“That’s why we are asking the council to look at how we can work together to help people in our situation. “It is great news that Housing Services and Cllr Bob White were so receptive and want to help us in our efforts to secure more affordable homes in Bexhill and Rother.”