Snowy the hen goes cycling!

HISTORY is littered with versatile innovators, refusing to restrict themselves to one form of expression.

Thursday, 6th October 2005, 4:13 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 8:22 pm

And while the last millennium served up Da Vinci and Michelangelo, our new era has its own hero - Snowy the Wonder Hen.

Sidley's own renaissance chicken has been wowing owners, friends, and even the national media with her unique feats for two years. And now she's leading the drive for regular exercise - by taking up cycling.

Since buying the hen for her daughter Georgia, Bev Robson has become used to the exploits of the athletic fowl. Snowy appeared on GMTV two years ago, challenged with a gruelling obstacle course in front of an enthusiastic national audience.

And last year, the fearless wonder hen took to piracy, towering over other members of her species from her parrot-like perch on unsuspecting people's shoulders.

So Ninfield Road resident Bev didn't bat an eyelid when Snowy took up her new hobby on Sunday.

She said: "My daughter was playing with her bike, and the chicken just jumped on to the handlebars. I wasn't feeling very well so I was indoors, and I looked out of the window only to see a chicken riding down the road on my child's bike's handlebars. She's done so many unusual things now, it doesn't even give me a shock anymore."

Snowy came to the family at around four years old after she passed egg-laying age, and has since become a much-loved family member with a eye-catching penchant for acrobatics.

Bev said: "There was always something different about her. She wanted to be with people, and didn't do normal chicken things like peck around. She loves performing and being in front of a camera. Maybe all chickens are this clever when they're treated more like a pet."

But the pressure of fame - and a compulsion for biscuits - may already be leading this talented fowl to a life on the edge of the law.

Bev said: "She's even learned how to pick-pocket now. If she knows there are cat biscuits in someone's pocket, she'll definitely try to have them." H42111b