So when will the link road be ready?


The Bexhill Hastings Link Road will be not be completed by May 2015 with East Sussex County Council blaming record rainfall and significant archeological finds on site.

Robert Ward emailed the Observer to say he tried to get an opening date and “some truthful answers” from the council regarding delays. He asked: “Have ESCC got something to hide or are they just taking us all for fools?”

An ESCC spokesman confirmed there is still no definite opening date and said: “Work is progressing with the construction of the Bexhill to Hastings Link Road but, as with every major road scheme, the actual opening date is subject to a range of factors such as exceptional weather, the extent of archaeological discovery and investigation, and seasonally restricted environmental work.

“We endured record levels of rainfall in the months of December 2013, January, February, August and October 2014 which on occasion saw three times the average rainfall for the area.

“Despite taking actions to mitigate the effects of this extreme weather, through alterations to the programme of work, there has been an impact on some of the key activities on site.

“Similarly, the progress of work on a number of the remaining weather sensitive activities will also depend upon the type of winter we experience. In addition the archaeologists have made a larger than expected number of significant discoveries and it is important that the experts were given time to analyse those findings and their potential impact on other areas of the site.

“We are hoping for a mild winter which will allow us to get back on track in early spring and minimise delays.”