Spring is coming - the rotary club’s crocuses return!

Look out for crocuses around Bexhill
Look out for crocuses around Bexhill

Around the town this month we should see many purple crocuses beginning to emerge again.

They were planted some years ago by the Bexhill Rotary Club to raise awareness of Rotary International’s campaign to eradicate the world of polio.

Polio kills and paralyses young children. It spreads like wild-fire. There’s no cure, but it can be easily prevented through immunisation.

The purple crocus was chosen to represent the colour of the dye put on children’s fingers to show that they had been immunised.

Rotary day, February 23rd is Rotary’s annual fund raising push. The aim is to finally eradicate polio from our world. You will see people wearing their own fabric crocus to show support for the programme. On Saturday 28th February, Sainsbury’s, Bexhill have kindly allowed us to sell some to shoppers outside their store. For every one pound raised from the sale of these crocuses the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will triple that donation to £3.00.

Twenty five years ago, polio struck 350,000 children each year. Now, thanks to the work of Rotary and others, there were only 223 cases two years ago. Please support this vital fundraising project. With your help, we can make history and conquer polio.