Staying safe by taking care of those details

New crew managers at Bexhill Fire Station- Dean McFaite (L) and Robin Thompson
New crew managers at Bexhill Fire Station- Dean McFaite (L) and Robin Thompson

new crew managers

They are crew managers on Green Watch and Red Watch respectively.

Dean and Robin are both eager to introduce themselves to Bexhill residents and invite the local community to take advantage of their expertise and ask for advice.

Alternatively there is a fire safety advice scheme and, for those eligible, fire officers will complete a home safety visit.

Once an appointment is organised the team will arrive, present their ID, and talk to householders about any issues or concerns. The fire fighters will be able to highlight any problems which would never occur to most people - such as whether a main fuse is being overloaded, because of extensions or extra electrical demands, or if smokers leave lighters or matches around which could be a danger to children living in or visiting the property.

Dean commented: “There are lots of areas we can talk about - we can ask about escape routes, or whether people have a fire plan - what would they do in the middle of the night if there was a fire? what would they do if trapped in a room? There are these snippets which people never really think about - for instance, if you have lockable windows, are the keys handy for you to find so you can shout for help out of the window, or are they tucked away downstairs in a kitchen drawer? It’s about putting a plan together with someone to follow, should that alarm go off in the middle of the night.” To organise a visit call 0800 177 7069.