Surveying who are living alone

cllr charlie clark ENGSUS00120120116122642
cllr charlie clark ENGSUS00120120116122642

Concern for those who are lonely and stuck at home on their own is behind Pebsham’s Cllr Charlie Clark’s new survey of residents.

He is visiting every home on his patch to find out how acute the problem of isolation has become.

Cllr Clark said: “32 percent of residents in St Michael’s Ward live alone, and 36 percent have no transport of their own.

“I am really concerned how people living alone are coping.

“With the severe cuts in Adult Social Care, many elderly people are at risk.

“It is estimated that spending of social care has been cut by 20 percent in the last ten years.

“We know many elderly people have too much pride to ask for help, even when they need it.

“I intend to carry out a survey of every resident in my ward who lives alone.

“From the survey results I hope to be able to identify residents who are in need of help and support.”

His survey, which he will deliver to every house on foot and then collect later himself, will include questions such as - do you live alone? Do you have your own transport? Are you supported by relatives? Would you like to get out more?

Cllr Clark added: “This really concerns me, how do we know how people living alone are coping? A growing number are now relying on home delivery ready meals just to get by.

“There is no shame in admitting you are not coping very well and need some help.

“If you are alone, please keep warm and well-stocked with food. There are still the winter months to get through.”