Talk on UK’s renewable energy options and climate

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Bexhill Environmental Group (BEG) present a joint talk with the Science cafe on ‘Renewable energy and Climate change’ and will be held at the Beulah Church Hall, Clifford road, Bexhill, on Wednesday, October 18 at 7.15pm.

The speaker will be David Elliott, Emeritus Professor of Technology at the Open University. He will explain why he thinks the UK can supply all its energy needs from renewables from 2050, at reasonable cost.

Alister Scott will give an update on the Berwick-based Cuckmere Community Solar company. The meeting, chaired by David Gee from the Institute of Environmental, Brunel University is open to all. Free to BEG members, students or those on benefits. Non members £2.00 donation. Refreshments from 7pm. www.bexhillenvironmental