Thanks for Bexhill’s No. 48 support

No. 48 in Bexhill holds an annual music festival SUS-180810-151758001
No. 48 in Bexhill holds an annual music festival SUS-180810-151758001

From: Andy Rimmer, Devonshire Road, Bexhill

It has been a month since closing No.48 on Devonshire Road, after a busy period I would like to thank everyone for the huge amount of support I have received.

I am very humbled by such an overwhelming response from so many people in the community and further afield.

I have even able to provide a great environment, for so many, thanks to the support, of so many. Good things take time, I am very proud of what I have achieved so far in the community, and I am confident that together we will build an even brighter future in an alternative venue.

There seems an underlying habit of focussing on the negative aspect of life, business, culture and society, a blame culture, which for me is totally counter productive.

In the previous decade in which I have been active within our community I have seen huge strides taken which have positively affected the area from infrastructure, development, regeneration, addition of leisure business’ events and entertainment.

Of course not everything works out, there is risk attached in decision making, there is always more that can and will be done, but it is important to remember what has been achieved to date.

We need to cultivate a “can do” attitude, change can be good, it needs to be embraced and we all need to play productive roles in developments. Certain things are inevitable, dare I say unavoidable, but we can all make the best of situations, a short term loss is sometimes necessary to achieve the long term benefit, difficult decisions like mine need to be taken for a positive brighter future.