The problem of dangerous and illegal parking in Bexhill

Car parked on pavement
Car parked on pavement

From: R Ward, Byfields Croft, Bexhill

It was noteworthy of Mr Merriman, our local MP, to invite a team, along with BBC South East, to visit Bexhill to see just how dangerous pavement parking is, as well as general illegal and dangerous parking.

But was there an ulterior motive, perhaps to raise his profile a little?

There are already laws to protect pedestrians from inconsiderate motorists and these are highlighted in the Highway Code, the official code of practice of the road traffic act.

There is also a process in place for dealing with such offences. Bexhill has not decriminalised traffic offences and it is still the responsibility of the police, but they decline to take responsibility for the safety of pedestrians and other motorists.

On the few occasions that police vehicles have been seen in the town, they simply cruise through slowly, ignoring vehicles parked not only on the clearly marked approaches to pedestrian crossings, but on the crossing itself. This is a clear offence and extremely dangerous for those attempting to cross the road with a vehicle obstructing their view from incoming traffic. A police officer some time ago told me that they had been instructed to ignore such events, so protection of the public is not a priority then?

I have in the past written to the Police and Crime Commissioner, as well as the borough commander of Bexhill police, suggesting a cost effective way of controlling the illegal and dangerous parking in Bexhill town centre, but it fell on deaf ears. This could still be introduced and avoid the cost of implementing the contentious parking proposals currently being considered.

Perhaps Mr Merriman could make better use of his time by having a meeting with the P&CC of Sussex and the borough commander of Bexhill police, insisting that they undertake the tasks that they are still responsibility for. If Mr Merriman wishes to discuss my proposal further to enable him to take issue with the P&CC, I’m sure the Observer will provide him with my contact details.