Town renews its Fairtrade status for another two years

Bexhill Fairtrade SUS-170719-215338001
Bexhill Fairtrade SUS-170719-215338001

Bexhill has successfully renewed Fairtrade Town status for a further two years, following its ongoing commitment to promoting Fairtrade principles.

Members of the Bexhill Town Steering group celebrated the achievement at an event meeting members of Rother District council including deputy mayor Councillor Abul Azad.

The Bexhill Fairtrade Steering Group revealed its plans to promote Fairtrade to more community groups and businesses in the area by taking part in campaigns, including the UK-wide Fairtrade Fortnight at the end of February, demonstrating fair banana trading, highlighting fair and safe conditions in cotton fields and sweatshops, organising fair fashion shows, promoting fairly-traded rice to pay for pupils in Malawi secondary schools, running Fairtrade and Traidcraft stalls at events, and lobbying MPs and the council on Fairtrade deals in Brexit conditions.

Bexhill was first awarded the Fairtrade status in 2007 after RDC passed supporting Fairtrade Resolution in 2006 in recognition of the strong support for Fairtrade within the town and council, and the achievement of five qualifying goals, such as a wide availability of Fairtrade products in local shops and catering outlets, high levels of support from local people, businesses, the council, faith groups and schools.

Jack Doherty, chairman of the Fairtrade Steering group, would like to thank very much the hard enthusiastic group members over the past 14 years, ten of which as a Fairtrade Town, and all the traders, shopkeepers, cafés, restaurants, schools, churches, faith groups, organisation members and leaders who all embraced and continue to do so, the Fair ethics.

Adam Gardner, communities campaigns manager at the Fairtrade Foundation, said: “We’re very pleased that Bexhill has renewed its Fairtrade status and laid out clear exciting goals to take Fairtrade further.

“Thanks to the ongoing support of the public and campaigners, an increasing number of farmers in developing countries are now selling their products on Fairtrade terms, bringing them a stable income, and the chance to trade their way out of poverty.”

Fairtrade helps small-scale farmers ensure they earn stable incomes and have long-term contracts with companies.

To get involved in the Fairtrade campaign in Bexhill or for more information, 
visit the bexhillfairtrade website or email