Bexhill Road bus stop to be moved – 15 metres down the road

Bexhill Road. Photo courtesy of Google Street View SUS-190813-145146001
Bexhill Road. Photo courtesy of Google Street View SUS-190813-145146001

A bus stop along the controversial Bexhill Road bus lanes route in St Leonards is to be moved.

The bus stop, on the eastbound side of the road next to Glyne Gap field, will be shifted further west, towards Ravenside Retail Park, to improve visibility of motorists pulling out of Bexleigh Avenue onto the A259.

An East Sussex Highways spokesman said: “As with all our schemes, we carry out a review to check that the measures installed are performing as expected.

“This bus stop is being relocated around 15m to the south to ensure drivers exiting Bexleigh Avenue onto the A259 have improved visibility when the stop is in use.

“We have consulted with the bus operator, Stagecoach, and they are happy with the revised arrangement.”

The bus stop had attracted a number of complaints last August due to its position directly opposite another bus stop, meaning the road was narrowed when both bus stops were in use.

At the time, West St Leonards ward councillor Matthew Beaver said: “The fact that these bus stops are opposite each other means if the occasion arises when two buses stop at the same time this will narrow the road to one lane therefore restricting the flow of traffic.”


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