Petition calls for investment in ‘disgraceful’ Hastings road

A petition calling for investment in road and pavement improvements in the ‘disgraceful’ Rock-a-Nore Road has been set up.

Wednesday, 1st May 2019, 4:20 pm
Updated Wednesday, 1st May 2019, 4:28 pm
A petition is calling for investment in road and pavement improvements in Rock-A-Nore Road. Picture supplied by Roberts Photographic

Created by the Coastal Users Group, the petition has been backed by Hastings Borough Council leader Peter Chowney and Old Hastings ward councillor James Bacon.

It calls on East Sussex County Council to invest in road and pavement improvements in Hastings’ ‘principal tourist thoroughfare’.

The Coastal Users Group said representatives from local attractions and businesses joined Mr Chowney and Mr Bacon for a protest against the ‘disgraceful state of Rock-a-Nore Road’ on Friday.

A petition is calling for investment in road and pavement improvements in Rock-A-Nore Road. Picture supplied by Roberts Photographic

Tim McDonald, from the Shipwreck Museum, added: “This road can legitimately be regarded as Hastings and St Leonards’ principal tourist thoroughfare

“It is used by countless thousands of visitors throughout the year who, at present, have to negotiate a badly-surfaced, crater-riddled and unevenly-cambered route through to the car park.
“The pavements are no better, giving wheelchair users and parents with pushchairs the bumpiest of rides. Even the unnecessarily aggressive road humps are in an advanced state of deterioration.

“What dismal impression of our town does this give to visitors?”

A post on the petition calls on the county council to invest in order to allow emergency vehicles access for residents, tourists, businesses and the new surgery.

It adds: “The poor quality of the pavements and road leading from Rock-a-Nore car park to the busy tourist area of Hastings Old Town are no longer fit for purpose and not suitable for the public, in particular, the visually impaired, young children and those using wheelchairs or buggies. This is an equalities issue which must be addressed before a serious accident occurs.

“The issue of emergency vehicle access and traffic congestion along Rock-A-Nore requires further investigation and we are calling on county council, along with Hastings Borough Council, to review this and find solutions to these problems.”

The petition has so far gained 43 signatures. You can see it here.

An East Sussex County Council spokesman said: “We are aware of residents’ concerns regarding traffic congestion and the condition of pavements in Rock-a-Nore Road.

“The road is regularly inspected by highways stewards and the most recent inspection has not shown any defects which require urgent intervention, however we are assessing what long-term maintenance might be required.

“Some adjustments have been made to traffic signals at the junction of Rock-a-Nore Road and the A259 and we’re reviewing whether changes to parking and loading restrictions at peak times or additional signage advising when the car park is full may help traffic flow.

“Unfortunately, as the Rock-a-Nore Road car park is near many of Hastings’ most popular attractions and there is only one road in and out, this road is inevitably going to be very busy at peak times.

“There is no easy solution to this issue but we will continue to review the situation and will consider the petition and any specific suggestions arising from it in due course.”

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