UKIP candidate sets out his case to the electorate

Geoffrey Bastin
Geoffrey Bastin

Whatever others believe will be the important issues for the next election I maintain my conviction that our priority is the question of sovereignty.

To be able to control our own parliament , borders and our future decisions over trade, all rely on our Parliament being able to repeal the European Communities Act 1972.

That was the Act that gave away our sole right to govern in accordance with our parliament and constitution. It allowed future acts of a foreign parliament and unelected Commissioners to automatically convey into British law that which was decided in a foreign place.

All the legislation and directives that comes from the EU automatically becomes law, whether we agree with it or not coupled with subsequent treaties signed in our name by successive Prime Ministers. It was done without any reference to the British electorate and if it remains un-repealed will reduce our Parliament to Town Hall status and our country to a mere seven regions of a United States of Europe.

This is not my fantasy but a declared aim of the EU all contained in the Maastricht Treaty 1992 and further clarified and endorsed in the reforming Lisbon Treaty 2009.

We have been sold a myth by successive governments headed by John Major, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown who did their utmost to ensure we had our sole right to freely govern taken away.

Edward Heath thought like so many that our membership would ensure no more European wars, but the very opposite is possible with recent civil strife in various EU member states. I was against the whole concept back in 1971 and I’ve not changed my mind since then. We were told we had joined a free trade area and some think it still is.

There is no certainty of a referendum after next May but we must hope that a sufficient number of Eurosceptic MPs are elected to fulfil the wishes of so many and make sure we can renounce our membership of the EU and finally put the Great back into Great Britain.