Waiting for the partial solar eclipse early next Friday

Darkness will fall over the UK for a few minutes when nearly 85% of the sun will be blocked out by the moon as it casts its shadow over England and the South coast.

This is called a partial solar eclipse.

This solar eclipse is due to take place at 8.24 am on Friday March 20 and astronomer Andy Lawes has described exactly what we will see in and around Bexhill and neighbouring towns.

“Bexhill-on-Sea will have approximately 85% of the sun covered by the moon starting around 8.24am, the moon will slowly hide the surface of the sun until 85% of the surface is covered. The temperature will drop and the sky will darken somewhat at maximum eclipse, soon after the moon will start to slowly move off of the sun’s surface completing the eclipse at approximately 10.41am. If we were in the Faroe Islands this would be a total eclipse and the view would be even more spectacular.

“The last total solar eclipse Britain had was 11 August 1999 which was only visible from Cornwall, and the next total solar eclipse will be on September 23 2090. Let’s hope for a clear skies on the morning of 20th March, we should see a very nice partial solar eclipse, East Sussex Astronomical Society will be on the south terrace of the De La Warr Pavilion, we have lots of special solar scopes to look through and solar glasses so that you can view the tiny solar crescent safely. Never look at the sun directly, or with any binoculars or telescopes as this will result in irreversible blindness. The only way to view safely is to use solar glasses or special solar telescopes which ESAS will provide you to look through.”

ESAS will be at the De La Warr Pavilion (South Terrace) from 8am to 11am to help you enjoy and appreciate this unusual event.

For further information please visit www.esas.org.uk or telephone Andy on 07923458516.