What are MP Huw Merriman’s views on BBC’s over 75s TV licence fee?

Mr Merriman MP
Mr Merriman MP

From: George Turner, Bedford Avenue, Bexhill on Sea

With the emotive subject of the over 75s TV licence fee in mind, I have just read that some 320 Members of Parliament do not pay for the TV licence for their second

homes that they claim are used whilst carrying out duties as MPs.

How can that be justified when the BBC propose to stop the licence fee for over 75s in 2020, yet can spend 3 million pounds on mugs and magnets – the equivalent of 20,000 TV licences!This the vast majority of over 75s who contrary to what some would have us believe have paid in to the system all their lives and not sat around waiting for retirement to come around.

Whilst we are on the subject, the same goes for bus passes and winter fuel that some want stopped. Leave the over 75s alone. I do not have a vested interest yet as I have seven years to go.

Perhaps our local MP Mr Huw Merriman could let us know what his thoughts are on this matter