Why should Bexhill pensioners pay for TV licence?


From: J Camden-Field, London Road, Bexhill

I have to point out that while there are many deserving cases of who gets a free TV licence, it is unfair to just slash a whole sector of the public who have worked and saved all their lives.

I have been on both sides of the fence and on pension credit I was fine, I went over by three pounds and have a very tiny capitol which will not last long, I am far worse off than a lot of people on benefits, also why should people who opt to have numerous children and live off the state get preference to those who have worked often in multiple jobs be penalised?

It’s just not fair. Also as our TVs have always got no signal why should we have to pay for that?

Bank holiday weekend all we got was no signal. I only watch the proms on BBC, couldn’t get it this week, it’s an outrage.