Will Bexhill be home of new world record?


Are we ready in Bexhill to be part of a new world record for Charleston dancing?

It’s hoped thousands will be up for a shimmy on Saturday July 18 with as many as possible dancing the simple routine as part of a memorable and stylish world record attempt.

And it’s predicted visitors will be come from all around Britain to help snatch the existing record from Australia while being part of something truly spectacular.

Alistair Hazell of Argh, who is assisting organiser Roger Crouch in the event, and is also a sponsor, said: “If you’re feeling excited about our Bexhill Roaring 20s event then you’re not alone.

We have organised an amazing day for Bexhill and one that will put our town on the map once again as the place to be.

From air displays by the Spitfire, Hurricane and Lancaster to dancing, music and stunt performances, the town centre and seafront will truly come alive. We are urging everyone to come and join in with our Charleston world record bid - we have workshops to learn the simple routine on the day, from 10am.”

He added: “Ask yourself the question - how often in your life will you be able to say you took part in breaking a Guinness world record?”

Spectators will also be wowed by Those Magnificent Men In their flying machines, vintage tri-planes, the Sopwith Camel and Focker Tridecker as they grace the skies, and there will be a rare display by the Civilian Coupe ‘Bunty’ first flown in 1931, one of just five ever built, and the only one still flying.

The Royal British Legion Romford marching band along with the 18 piece Swing-shift Big Band will be on the Metropole lawns. The Red Hot and Blue Jazz Band and Exiles will entertain towards the east towards the sailing club.

Hannah’s Cat Morris, The Ladies Tennis Club and Charlie the Clown will be promenading the full length of the seafront.

The 1920’s Prohibition Stuntmen will take you back to the prohibition era with stunts only normally seen on the silver screen. Film stars - from the Bond movies - Madeline Smith, Caroline Munro and Martine Beswick will be there to talk about their film experiences. Gecko Dance Company from Helenswood Academy are performing a traditional 1920s dance. The East Sussex School of Performing Arts will entertain with performances of 20’s songs and dances on the stage, and Fiona Harrison will sing the songs of that era.

In addition there will be vehicles from 1897-1930, proudly arranged on the lawns by the Old Bathing Station., There will also be many younger vehicles up to the present day, The Bexhill 100 Motoring Club, the Bexhill Classic Cycle Group, and East Sussex Vintage Motor Cycle Club. Bexhill Classic Car Association will additionally be there.

The Albatross Club will be open all day in support, and from 11-11pm there will be a welcome for members and public alike, serving a range of real ales and hot food cooked by chef Simon from an outside barbecue, and live music during the afternoon.